“Carlow to face Durrell in November for House 16 seat”

By Robert Lowell, American Journal.

BUXTON — Nathan Carlow, 21, upset former veteran state legislator Stavros Mendros 457-334 Tuesday in the Republican primary for House District 16.

The district represents part of Buxton, part of Saco and Hollis.

Carlow of Buxton captured his hometown 261-73 and Saco 11-8 while Mendros carried Hollis 253-185. Carlow faces Democrat David Durrell of Hollis in November in the race to represent House District 16.

“I am honored to receive the Republican nomination for this race, and I want to thank everyone who voted. There is a lot of work to do before November, and I am confident that this primary victory will rally voters behind my common sense ideas,” Carlow said Wednesday in an email to the American Journal.

Carlow also thanked election workers statewide for their dedication.

Carlow is a USM student who has been elected twice to the SAD 6 school board, beginning his first term at age 18.Advertisement

“I come into the general election with years of local experience, a fresh perspective and a willingness to reach across the aisle in search of policies that help the people in my district,” he said. “These are the qualities that voters expect from elected leaders and those are traits that I will bring with me to Augusta.”


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