ICYMI: Carlow Answers Questions on Candidacy

Via Portland Press Herald. Published November 3, 2022.

A Buxton legislator is facing a challenger for his seat in House District 137, which includes parts of Buxton and Hollis.

Rep. Nathan Carlow, a Republican from Buxton, is facing Robert Faucher, a Democrat from Buxton.

Faucher did not respond to requests for information about his candidacy.

Here is a look at Carlow’s priorities and positions on some key issues.

Q: What are your top priorities and why?

I am very concerned by the state of our economy, and if re-elected, my focus will be on keeping costs low for Maine families. When seniors can’t afford skyrocketing property tax bills, when parents can’t pay for rising oil and grocery bills, and when young adults can’t afford to own a home and start a family, you know something is going awfully wrong. The state of our economy impacts so much about our daily lives; it affects our schools, infrastructure, and homes. I am committed to each of those, and while we must make prudent investments in our state, I also know that the excessive spending we’ve seen the last several years is only going to hold us back in the long run.

Q: What are your biggest concerns about the economy and what should the Legislature do to address  them?

As I stated above, my top priority is to turn this economy around. My approach in addressing these problems has always been to favor free market outcomes. I’ve found that encouraging innovation is often a more effective and less costly way to support long-term economic success. Of course, politicians love to announce government subsidies, and to be clear, there are times and places when taxpayer investment is required, but the Legislature tends to act far too quickly in expending huge sums of money without a clear plan to use it in a way that will accomplish the underlying goal. This is irresponsible, and I hope the Maine people send legislators to Augusta who will carefully analyze and audit how taxpayer money is being used.

Q: Do you support changing Maine’s abortion law to make it more or less restrictive and how?

The point of viability is the standard currently used in Maine law, and I would not support legislation allowing abortions after that point except for medical necessity.

Q: Do you believe President Biden won the 2020 election fairly?



City/Town:  Buxton

Party: Republican

Occupation: Accounts payable specialist

Education:  High school diploma, Bonny Eagle High School Class of 2018. Currently attending University of Southern Maine majoring in political science.

Civic/Political Experience: I am the youngest state legislator elected in Maine since 1917, currently serving on the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee. In the state Legislature, I have written and passed two pieces of legislation; the first to help the Buxton Hollis Historical Society obtain additional grant money, and the second to encourage improved fiscal planning for Maine’s public schools. Additionally, I am serving my sixth year on the MSAD 6 board of directors, and I was elected by my colleagues to serve as chairman of the board this year. I was humbled to be asked to lead the 2022 superintendent search process, and I helped to draft the first strategic plan for MSAD 6 since 1998.

Social Media/Website: Please contact me on any of my social media pages, or by emailing contact@nathancarlow.com. Facebook: @Representative Nathan Carlow. Instagram: @repnathancarlow.  Check out my website as well at nathancarlow.com

— Lucas Dufalia

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