Casework with a State Agency

Let’s Begin a Case:

Capitol Office: (207) 287-1440


You’re here because you’re having trouble with a state agency…

In addition to his legislative work, Representative Carlow is committed to assisting constituents working with state agencies. Here’s what we need before we can start;

  • A summary of your problem or concern
  • Relevant documentation
  • A signed privacy waiver*

What we can and can’t do:

Acting as a liaison between you and the pertinent agency, we can answer questions, direct you to appropriate resources, and find solutions that match your situation. In addition, we can check on the status of your case and review the steps taken to date to ensure your case is being handled properly.

We cannot ask an agency to make an exception to its rules or force it to resolve a dispute in your favor, and we also cannot take a position in any civil litigation or criminal proceedings. If you need a lawyer, our office can provide you with a list of free legal services in the area.

*A privacy waiver is a form that gives Rep. Carlow your permission to receive confidential information relating to your case. Without your written approval, our office cannot review confidential material or intervene on your behalf.